Suspension lamps that capture snowflakes.


These outdoor winter lights are made of a mesh structure and a light box operated by solar energy. When snow falls, the flakes adhere to the structure, and gradually cover it. These independent suspensions capture sunlight during the day. As night falls, they retransmit the accumulated light, illuminating the snow captured by the mesh. These airy suspensions easily let the snow garb them. They take different forms, sizes and thicknesses, as they respond to time and weather variations. They are comparable to new visual barometers, which makes them both playful and useful.


Presented at Salone Satellite, Milan design week 2014

Project in Lapland in Winter 2012

Label Observeur du design 2014

Exhibition at Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Paris, until November 2014

Finalist Umea European capital of culture 2014

Finalist of the competition ADREAM 2012

Exhibited at Ambiente2013 – Frankfurt

Ecobat2013 – Paris

DMY International Design Festival – Berlin

the State Chancellery – Berlin

Designers’ Open – Leipzig

Open Days – Brussels

Bauhaus University - Weimar

Credits: All rights reserved Arturo Erbsman / 2017