Pyrros is a clear glass photophore that uses refractive index of water to accentuate the light emitted by a candle.

Spherical in shape, it contains an inner cone that serves as a candle holder. When water is poured between the two layers of glass and a candle is submerged in the holder, the photophore is set up for use. The presence of water surrounding the candle alters our visual perception. The size of the flame is amplified through magnifying effect, thus increasing brightness of light. Any ripples in the water create moving light rays around the candle, which seems to be levitating. Gradually luminous micro air bubbles begin to surface on the inner walls of the photophore.

Composed solely of water, glass and fire, Pyrros captures our attention and brings us to observe the harmony of nature's elements.


Presented at Salone Satellite, Milan design week 2014

Currently available at La Rinascente, Milan


Credits: All rights reserved Arturo Erbsman / 2017