It invites park-goers to take a seat and rest their backs, encouraging them to daydream and socialize.


Specially constructed for «la promenade du Paillon», the new green corridor in the city of Nice, this convivial range of street furniture is conceived to blend with its surrounding flora. The cast steel legs of the benches are inspired from what grows in the soil, therefore they are designed to look like flowering buds. The seats entirely made of strips of wood form a unique structure that have a gently rounded shape and provide a curvy back. Due to this curvaceous profile, the elderly can rest comfortably and children can play safely around them. Robust and elegant, innovative in their silhouette, these benches are perfectly in tune with the environment and offer moments of pleasure and conviviality to a maximum number of people.

Manufactured by Sineu Graff

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Label Observeur du design 2015


Credits: All rights reserved Arturo Erbsman / 2017