An atmospheric lamp that uses condensation of water to diffuse light.

It consists of an aluminium base holding a light source and a hand blown glass bulb, containing inexhaustible water reserve. When lighted, the water gradually evaporates and starts condensing on the inner walls of the bulb.

This results in the formation of micro water droplets that cling to the glass surface and diffuse light.

Progressively, the glass seems to crystallise, micro droplets evolve and merge together to form drops that become significantly bigger. When they reach a certain size, they run along the walls and slide back into the water reserve. So follows the elemental course of condensation. Atmos exalts the natural cycle of water, encouraging contemplation and reverie.


Presented at Salone Satellite, Milan design week 2014 / Winner of Salone Satellite Award

Presented at Biennale Interieur 2014, Kortrijk - Belgium / Winner of Interieur Award            


Credits: All rights reserved Arturo Erbsman / 2017